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Moringa Matters is dedicated to the incredible miracle tree - Moringa. One of the fastest growing tropical trees in the world, Moringa is a nutritional miracle, all in itself.  Until recently, the benefits of Moringa have been largely ignored, here in the USA.  For a quick overview, and to get acquainted with this delicious powerhouse of nutrition, visit our other website, at the link below.            

It will give you a "bird's eye view" of the Moringa tree. Our purpose is to introduce you to a tree that you can grow in your backyard, on a patio in a container, as a hedge, or however you like, that can tremendously influence your health - AND - almost the entire tree is edible, including its lovely flowers! Do not eat the roots, though. The root bark is toxic!

Currently, we grow Moringa Oleifera, which is the most commonly known variety, and Moringa Stenopetala, a robust tree from Africa. We think Moringa is a nutritional miracle!

Please remember, that Moringa is a tropical tree: it loves sunlightwater, and warmth. A hard freeze will kill it, although ours have recovered from some unseasonable cold weather, that was in the 30° to 40° F range. That was in 2008, and even though a lot of them looked like "sticks", they recovered! 

Today, we live in the age of instant "everything". Because most of us are in such a press for time, home-cooked, nutritious meals are just about a thing of the past. We rush to work, we rush to get home, we rush to pick up the kids, we rush to the store...rush, rush, rush. We sacrifice our sanity and our health, just to eat something quickly, and get on to the next task at hand. It needs to STOP.  Every packaged, processed, shelf-life-extended product we consume is loaded with additives that 
act as "energy drains" and neurotoxins - as they fill our bellies with empty calories and synthetic nutrition.  Time to get back to basics, and the Moringa tree can help: tremendously!

Around the world, Moringa trees are valued for their valuable leaves and seeds, their pods, their shade, their oil, their water purification properties, and their beauty. From India to Africa to 
the Phillipines, and to the southern part of the United States - few trees are so highly revered, as 
the humble Moringa.

Our other website, referred to above, we talk more about the nutritional benefits of Moringa, 
and have lots of photos of our Moringa trees, leaves, flowers, buds, and pods. Here, we are concentrating on what OTHERS have to say about Moringa; called the "miracle tree" with good reason. We also show you a few photos of how we eat Moringa.

P. S. We used to sell seeds, leaf powder, seedlings, and cuttings, but had to cease to tend to our other business and family. 

Moringa Matters

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