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Moringa Matters
We started in early 2008, and are a very small concern, that has a very BIG love for 
Moringa! We first learned about Moringa, when we were researching edible tropical plants. The more we read about it, the more excited we got. To be able to grow a tree, that provides extreme nutrition in its small leaves - enough to not only sustain life, but to keep people in optimum health, seemed to good to be true! 

The more that I read, and the more Moringa that I ate, the more I was convinced that all of the wonderful things I had heard about the Moringa tree, were based on solid facts. Not only do the leaves LOOK good, they TASTE good, too! I have always loved spinach, and salad greens, and Moringa can be eaten in the same manner. It's taste and it's nutritional value amazed me! 

I started planting Moringa here in Florida, like it was the only nutritional tree on earth - which it is not - and before I knew it, we had lots of other people eating it, too. We started offering the seeds of both Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala, young seedlings, and Moringa leaf powder, online, at our www.ilovemoringa.com website, but no longer have the time to do it. See the MORINGA FARMS link below... 

If you cannot grow it, due to weather or space, you can at least get the benefits of the nutritional value in its leaves, by using the Moringa Leaf Powder. If you live in the southern hemisphere, you can probably successfully grow a Moringa tree. If you live farther north, you can grow it as an annual, because Moringa trees grow FAST! We start stripping the leaves off our Moringa trees, when they are still very young little seedlings, and they don't mind a bit. The more you trim them back, the faster they grow, and a few months of heat and sunlight will provide you with lots of leaves to eat!

For many years, we sold Moringa leaf powder, Moringa seeds, Moringa seedlings, and Moringa cuttings. We are not longer doing that, due to the constraints of life. However, 
you can get excellent Moringa products from MORINGA FARMS, also in Florida - owned by a friend of mine. 

Most of the questions that people ask us, about Moringa, are answered on our main website, I Love Moringa. Check the FAQ's. at the very top of the page, on the right-hand 
side, or look on the far right-hand side of every page, at the HOW-TO section.

Please share with others about how Moringa has affected you, because - we all tell our friends if we have seen a good movie, or have eaten at a good restaurant. Let's tell others what Moringa has done for you, so they can start to enjoy its benefits, too! 

Ingesting Moringa leaves, powder, pods, or seeds can make a tremendous impact on your health - for the GOOD!

This page was last updated: 9/7/2022