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       As you probably figured out, this section is dedicated to the many people who have experienced phenomenal results from eating Moringa. All Moringa varieties seem to elicit the same rave reviews from people who eat it:  increased energy, rapid hair growth, balanced blood sugar levels, and all-round rejuvenation. 

We simply don't have the time to publish all of the rave reviews and testimonials from people who have added Moringa to their diet, but we put a few pages up here, to give you an idea about how many people are delighted to have found Moringa!
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AT 93, AS OF 2009

Well, at 93 years of age, every day is a blessing. I started eating Moringa Leaf Powder last year, and also eat a few leaves from my young Moringa trees I was given. Sometimes I work a hard, full, physical day, and I may get tired, but I don't really get exhausted anymore. I am diabetic, and the Moringa seems to help keep that in check. My hair is MUCH fuller than it was, before I started eating Moringa, and I have noticed a lot of really thick, dark brown hairs in my - "used-to-be-white" beard. I just add the powder to my oatmeal every morning, and strip a few leaves off my trees when I go by them, and eat them raw. Moringa is good stuff!
Clark G ~ Ft. Myers, FL

      When we first started eating Moringa, the most dramatic difference we saw in our bodies, was in the amount of HAIR that started growing - FAST! Both my husband and I are over 50, so you don't exactly expect your hair to start growing at a rapid pace, at that time of life. Not only did my hair start to grow super-fast, but it also started to return to its original texture and color. Now, I also noticed some of those changes in my hair a couple of years ago, when I began to incorporate chia seed and extra-virgin coconut oil into my diet - but the Moringa made a dramatically phenomenal difference in my hair. My husband has had new hair grow in, where there has been NO hair for about 20 years. My energy level is always high, so I can't be much help in that area - but I DID notice that at the end of the day, I am never really exhausted. Tired, sleepy, and ready for bed - but never exhausted. 

One day, about a year ago, I came home from a hectic day at our store. We were so busy, I hardly had a chance to get any liquid in me, for about six hours. When I got home, I was really drained. I grabbed a handful of leaves from our Moringa tree, and ate them. Within a very few minutes, I felt totally revitalized, and "raring to go". Needless to say, I was astonished!

In early 2008, my 89-yr. old mother was taken to the hospital, in very bad shape. We started to add Moringa leaf powder to anything we could get her to eat. From the very first day, she began to perk up, and left the hospital WITHOUT the scheduled operation she was supposed to have. We never did hear from the doctors why the operation was not done, but WE think Moringa made the difference! There's lots, lots more, but I want to leave room for everyone else to add their own personal stories here. I could go on, and on, and on...                                               

EKT ~ Bradenton, FL

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