Hundreds of people have asked us how they can add the wonderful bounty of the Moringa Tree, to their everyday fare.  We hope to answer those questions, here. Moringa trees, also called Miracle Trees, Drumstick Trees, or Horseradish Trees, are capable of sustaining life - human life. There are so many ways that you can utilize its products, without altering the way you eat - right now!

The easiest way, of course, is to ingest it in a form that can be easily added to foods that you eat on a regular basis - so, that would be the Moringa Leaf Powder.

Another way to add Moringa to your diet, is by taking the Moringa Leaf Capsules.

The best way, in our opinion, is to eat the Moringa Leaves - however - everyone does not have the luxury of being able to grow Moringa trees in their area. If you live in a tropical climate, then you can eat the leaves from trees on your own property. If you do not, then you will have to either:

  • Grow it as an annual, and harvest and eat as many leaves as you can, when they are fresh.
  • Dry the leaves that you are unable to eat in a timely manner, and use them in the cold months.
  • Freeze the leaves, and cook them at your leisure. We have done that, and it works just fine.
  • Dry the leaves, and grind them into your own Moringa Leaf Powder
  • Locate a greenhouse in your area, and ask them in you can winter a Moringa tree there.

No matter how you do it, you owe it to yourself to add Moringa to your diet.

The first thing you need to know, is that we cannot recommend a "dosage" for Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa leaves, flower buds, blossoms, pods, or seeds. Moringa is a FOOD, NOT A MEDICINE. 

The Moringa pods can grow to several feet in length. We do not happen to think that they are "scrumptious" eating when they are mature, or even when they are halfway to maturity. HOWEVER, when they are small, young, and tender - about the size of a green string bean - they are simply marvelous! Sweet, flavorful, and just delicious. If you have a Moringa tree, you will have lots and lots of pods, so harvest some of the little ones, and use them in stir-fry, or lightly cook them with butter and garlic, and add some sea salt. If you add mushrooms and onions, you have a dish fit for a king! 

The little pods can actually be used in any way that you would normally use green beans, so you can experiment, until you find the way that YOU enjoy them the most. As with other fresh, green vegetables, they do not need to be cooked very long - just until they turn a brighter green than they normally are. Season to taste, and sit down to a taste treat!

Moringa seeds can be eaten when they are very young, also. When they are mature, they can be eaten, but we prefer the little baby ones. You use them as you would green peas, although you want to "go easy" when eating them, as the seeds have a remarkable ability to clean water - and likewise, a remarkable ability to clean toxins from your bloodstream. Too many at a time can be unpleasant, as the results are - a lot of waste being cleaned out fairly rapidly - and they may upset your stomach. You can "pop" the seeds like popcorn, with oil or butter, and salt, and eat them that way - but - a few at a time! Your system needs to get used to ANY new food that is introduced to it, and Moringa is one very  powerful plant. 

My favorite way to eat Moringa, is to add the Moringa Leaf Powder to guacamolé, or dips, or to add the leaves to pizza, eggs, or cooked grains. Others like it in smoothies, soup, salad, or stew. No matter how you add Moringa to your diet - just - add Moringa to your diet!
Moringa Matters
People DO, in many countries around the globe, but they are taking an incredible risk. 
There is a neurotoxin in the root bark, which can be fatal, if taken in large enough quantities. 

NO ONE appears to know the exact amount, so the best advice is - don't eat the root - ANY of it!

This page was last updated: 9/1/2022