"In August 2008 I came down with a horrible virus.  I am guessing it was West Nile Fever, as it came 2 days after being "tore up" by skeeters the same week a tropical storm arrived from the gulf, bringing along with it those type of mosquitoes. I had a worst case scenario - stomach and joint pain - really hitting me in the gall-bladder(liver) area. My fever was 103°F and I had chills that drove me to climb under a thick comforter, where I slept for half a day with that high fever. That was a big mistake as it probably cooked my liver. Then it traveled to my ears, eyes and brain. The virus left after the 3rd day but the yellow skin was a new symptom for me. I ended up in the hospital with acute liver failure. The enzyme numbers were "off the chart" awful. It was amazing to me, that after they told me about liver transplantation they held out little hope that I could live with the damage. Very little was done, but glucose infusions seemed to stablize the advancing liver shut down. I decided that just listening to their gloomy forecast was NOT helpful so I quit listening and started doing mega-doses of Milk Thistle - an herb - and eating mostly vegetarian fare (mostly raw) from my organic garden. 

     The first couple weeks after getting out of the hospital I used the Moringa leaf powder, then switched to fresh leaves from my Moringa Oliefera trees. I ate as many leaves as I could squeeze into my food. Handfuls went into my juices, salads, and when I finally could digest them, omelets. 
I had many symptoms of distress but after 3 days of eating the fresh moringa leaves I experienced a real change, a feeling of ease. My symptoms would keep me up most nights and yet if I drank the fresh moringa juice I could move through the day as if I had slept well! None of the normal crabbiness and confusion from lack of sleep. It was amazing to me and convinced me again of the benefits that I always tell my friends "eat food as close to the way God made it!", and it seemed especially true of moringa leaves... 

     The doctors really pooh-poohed the naturopathic solutions, but suddenly my liver enzymes were starting to come back toward normal. It took 3 months to be given the A-OK on my liver - (November) and I was given a clean bill of heath without even a "y'all come back to see us!" It was only this year (2010) that I read that Moringas are wonderful for liver disease! Do a search (Moringa "liver disease"). 

     I have yet to try the pods. I live north of Atlanta, GA and the warm season doesn't seem to be long enough for fruiting when I plant them in ground, though I did get flowers one year. This year I am going to try potted moringas, I have seen that others get pods from potted trees even if they have to bring them inside. I am also going to try Moringa Stenopetala and grow a nice supply for myself and friends."                   
Geralyn D. ~ N. Georgia USA


     "With the busy life I lead, I find I am ordering more and more products online. Even plants and garden items come to my door, from time to time.  

     Recently, I ordered some seedlings and seeds from the 'I Love Moringa' company, headed by Emily Tack and family. The order arrived promptly, beautifully and heavily packaged but, sadly, one seedling must have gotten harsh treatment from the delivery man and the Texas heat that week.  

     I alerted Emily to this situation and she immediately went above and beyond what any other online sales representative has ever done in supplying me with a quick replacement and some bonus seeds to boot.  

     Having this level of service in this age of impersonal internet sales is a rarity. Rare, too, were the hand written notes that accompanied the parcels. I am most impressed, not only with the delightful plants, but with the thoughtful and efficient service. Top notch!"  
Kevin Dunn ~ Austin, TX
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