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"I got the seedlings, seeds, and the powder yesterday. Thanks for being so speedy! I am starting a small Moringa capsule business and if all goes well with this batch, I will definitely be in touch again!...I heard about Moringa through a friend of mine... So, here goes my first shot at it! I was pretty surprised how big those bags of powder are, too! I've already made 700+ capsules last night and I still have 1/3 of the first bag left!  I just wanted to thank you again for being so caring about your plants and your customers.  You are freakin' awesome!"

K.V. ~ Covington, GA


"I had the best experience shopping at I Love Moringa! Emily is a wonderful, caring person. My order was lost in transit and Emily not only sent me another package free of charge, she added an extra pack of Moringa! Her service is personalized and she provides an excellent Moringa powder. My first drink of Moringa gave me such an energy boost that I knew it was the missing link to my being able to exercise successfully. I highly recommend Moringa from the I Love Moringa website."

D.W. ~ Brooklyn, NY
These are from people who have had some incredible results from eating Moringa, or 
from customers of ours who wanted to tell you about us!


"I just found this amazing (Moringa) tree (growing from the stump) of what was cut down recently. Yes, it is springing (up) like wild fire and the leaves are so big and OH soooooooooo big and flavourful. 
I HAVE TO GET FOLKS interested in using this wonderful product that God has made. Where do I begin? I am a living testimony. It works like a charm. I have been cooking dishes and sharing with folks and I have been telling folks about your site but people want it here and now. (You know;) instant gratification. 
We are killing ourselves and there is no reason (that we cannot stop it), if we close the gate before the horse runs out. Without HEALTH what can we do with WEALTH!!!!!! Let's picture a healthless wealthy person !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I have moved away from illness and (ventured) into the WELLNESS business. We can remain healthy if we are more aware of what goes into (and) out of our temple(s). Like you, I love my moringa." (Edited for clarity by webmaster.)

Iris ~


"I just love dealing with Emily, she is a dear. She has wonderful products and is a pleasure to deal with. I put Moringa in my green drink and add it to the dogs' food, they eat they same food as my husband and me. I also give it to my parrots. I have two Moringa trees and I give that to the 
birds also; they love it. I just bought some seeds from Emily, she sends so many extras."

Dawn W. ~ MN

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